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Introduction to Onshape

Onshape stands out in the CAD landscape as a fully cloud-based platform, revolutionizing how designers and engineers collaborate. It brings CAD to your fingertips, accessible from any device, anywhere, ensuring that your projects move forward seamlessly. With Onshape, experience the future of design with real-time updates and collaboration akin to Google Docs.

Onshape in Robotics: The pib Case

In the world of robotics, where innovation and collaboration are key, Onshape is a game-changer. For the pib project, Onshape's real-time collaboration capabilities and accessibility across devices ensure that team members, regardless of location, can work together effortlessly. This aligns perfectly with the dynamic and innovative nature of robotics projects like pib. We can work in multiple branches simultaniously and don't disturb each other. We can review the changes and merge them together in our weekly meeting in Discord Hangout Spot.


Getting Started: Free Onshape Account

Embark on your Onshape journey with the Free Plan, tailored for hobbyists, learners, and open-source enthusiasts. This plan offers a wealth of professional-grade CAD tools without any cost, making it an ideal starting point for those eager to explore CAD in non-commercial projects. Signing up is straightforward – just a few simple steps, and you're ready to dive into the world of CAD.

Please remember, that the free version of Onshape only allows to create public documents which are not private!

Quick Guide to the Onshape Learning Center

For those new to CAD or looking to sharpen their skills, the Onshape Learning Center is an invaluable resource. It's packed with tutorials, courses, and videos, designed to cater to various skill levels. From beginner-friendly introductions to advanced techniques, the Learning Center is your go-to for mastering Onshape and bringing your creative visions to life.


You can start with this course if you are new to CAD:

Onshape Learning Path - Intro to CAD


If you already have experience in CAD, you can start with the following course to learn everything which is specific to Onshape:

Onshape Learning Path - Onshape Fundamentals


Get CAD Support

If you are stuck or need a helping hand, write a short message in Discord Support-Channel:

Discord - - Support Channel