Simulation and control community development

Welcome to our community! It's great that you are here, your contributions are very much needed.

Simulation and control are integral parts of pib. In pib we use physical simulation software like Gazebo and Webot, but we are very open to mathematical modeling. For control we do not implement control algorithms in pib yet as our actuators have implemented PID controllers in them. Simulation and control for pib are in very early development stage, so all ideas and skill levels are very welcome to collaborate. Here are some topics we are planning to work on this year.

  • Controlling pib in state space by calculating its inverse kinematics

  • Implementing PID control in joint movement

  • Calibrating pib using smart control algorithms

  • Including simulation as a step in development process

How to develop pib’s Simulation and control?

Our development process is thoroughly explained in this page . From the simulation and control side there is no exact process unlike CAD since its a more wide topic however, navigating the page mentioned will help you understand how we manage development in general.

How to start contributing?

Step 1 (You are here🙂): Read and navigate through this knowledge base to have a good grasp in pib’s mechatronics development and join Discord to observe how other members develop and interact.

Step 2: Attend weekly rockstar meetings, where we discuss tickets, progress with tasks, brainstorm and create new tasks, onboard new members and chat geeky stuff 😉 (Every Wednesday, 2:30pm CET)

Step 3: Choose 1 of the low priority tickets to start with and walk through the development process, explained above. And don’t forget to reach out in Discord channels and to pibRockstars for any questions💡

Working on the simulation and control of a humanoid robot involves lots of open questions and great opportunities for new additions and findings in such field. We call them pib open questions. We are very welcoming to research groups or universities interested in solving one of these questions as a research project, adding a new question and using pib as a research platform. Even as an individual, you are very welcome to propose or select an open question to base your BSc. or MSc. thesis on.

  • Using Reinforcement learning with simulation software to train pib on advanced movement

  • Exploring control algorithms to control different actuators instead of using off the shelf motors

Please reach out by email to us for such technical collaboration opportunities.