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🤖 What is the open source robotics project pib?

pib stands for printable intelligent bot and is a 3D printable humanoid robot that anyone can build themselves.

We hope that pib will be further developed by a creative and enthusiastic community and we are always looking for new co-developers. Whether you want to join the software team or the hardware team, we have exciting projects waiting for you.

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🤝 What can you do in our community?

We are looking for you to support us with…

  • CAD Design

  • Software Development

  • Mechatronics

  • Simulation & Control

Not what you are looking for?

You can also support us in other areas such as project management, translations, etc. - whoever you are, you are welcome!

Feel free to browse our Knowledge Base for more details as to what you can do. If you have any questions, best join us on Discord and ask away!