How to Use the "Nuts - Crush Corner" FeatureScript


The Crush Corner FeatureScript simplifies the assembly process of nuts by integrating crush ribs into the 3D-geometry of printed parts.

Follow these steps to use the Crush Corner FeatureScript for nuts in your projects:

  • Open the Part Studio where you want to add Crush Corners.

  • Select the "Nuts - Crush Corner" FeatureScript, displayed on the right end of the feature bar.

  • Choose the part to which you want to add crush ribs.


For automatic application:

  • Select "Auto". The FeatureScript will identify all valid hexagon faces with the correct dimensions (hole diameter: 3.2mm, hexagon radius: 2.85mm).


For manual application:

  • Select "Manual" and choose the desired hexagon face(s). This method is regenerating a bit faster than the Auto-Mode.


Accept the dialog by clicking on the green check mark. Use a new "Nuts - Crush Corner" feature if you have multiple parts in a single Part Studio.

Source Code location:
You can find the source code in the FeatureScripts sub folder in the document: